The Blue Room

Welcome. Make yourself comfortable, because here’s how we’d like to help you achieve ongoing marketing success…The Blue Room is a dynamic communication company, founded in 2000.

With our experience in the communication industry, we pride ourselves on our specialised, hands-on approach. We are passionate about effective communication and carefully thought-through marketing strategies. Our personalised approach to each of our clients, and to every project that we take on, sets us apart.

Our clients can rest assured - we are always just a phone call away. There is no clutter to filter through before making contact with The Blue Room’s hands-on director.

Our success in creating effective communication strategies has led us to become as skilled in every other aspect of our extended service offering. This includes managing and implementing communication strategies for shopping centres, as well as taking care of every aspect of special events.

Why Choose Us?

When you choose The Blue Room, you select the services of an experienced company with a results-orientated, proactive and personal approach.

You’ll reap the benefits of campaigns created to achieve success for your brand and add value to your business or event. This is because our desire to implement effective communication and captivating marketing strategies drives us to create communication that will set you apart.

Our personalised service offers you a unique opportunity – as our entire team is closely involved in the planning, development and success of each project.

Our pride in our work motivates us. Our clients’ satisfaction keeps us excited and eager to deliver our services with continued expertise and enthusiasm.

About Us

A The Blue Room is a boutique marketing and design agency in the heart of Melkbos. We are passionate about ideas and create lasting impressions. We specialize in retail and property marketing, and also branch out into other avenues.