Sales Manager

N1 City Mall

Hardworking and positive seem like usual words, until Chezelle gives them wings! Besides striving to achieve (and over-achieve) targets and goals, she’s quite a go-getter.

In 2016 Chezelle found her passion for Retail and Events Marketing. Even though she loves her creative side of thinking, when it comes to setting up contracts, events, and exhibitions, she ensures that all is done thoroughly. She is a problem solver and provides solutions that best fits the situation. She is admin orientated and does not like clutter.

Besides excelling in her work, she enjoys time with the two little ladies in her life and if you don’t find her at home trying new cooking recipes, you will most probably find her at the gym or next to a campfire with family or friends. She loves singing at the top of her lungs and dancing to the beat.

Even with her active life she is learning new skills and busy studying towards her Diploma in Public Relations since 2021.