Scope: Strategy, Implementation, Development, Design, PR, Execution & Reporting


The Village Square’s Launch Campaign consisted of five phases:

1. Build-up (18 Sept to 29 Nov)

2. Launch (29 Nov to 2 Dec)

3. Cocktail Function (29 Nov)

4. Festive Season (12 to 16 Dec)

5. Post-launch (1 Dec 2018 to 28 Feb 2019)

The combined objective was to create awareness of the Centre’s launch date, location and tenant offering in the immediate and broader community. This was accomplished through print, radio and digital media.


Client: The Village Square / Sanlam Properties
Design Commencement: 1 August 2018
Development Commencement: 1 September 2018
Campaign Commencement: 18 September 2018
Campaign Conclusion: 28 February 2019
Publicity Value Generated: R212 958.00
Artwork: The Blue Room
Designer: Melanie Evert, The Blue Room
Digital Marketer: Jono Duguid, The Blue Room
Account Executive, Campaign Coordinator & Executor:
Marzaan Smith and Annuschka du Preez, The Blue Room

Advertising & Media

Print Advertisements

TygerBurger Durbanville Edition
20 720 readers
Press releases appeared in the TygerBurger Durbanville edition on 19 September, 24 October, 14 and 28 November, and an advertorial featured on Wednesday, 31 October.

A wrap featured in the TygerBurger Durbanville edition on 5 December.

Northern News Bellville/Durbanville Edition
38 990 readers
Press releases featured in the Northern News on 27 September, 25 October, 15 and 29 November and an advertorial featured 1 November.

Die Burger
234 000 readers
A half-page advertisement featured in Die Burger on 10 December, in the Kerskopies insert.

Generic Leaflet
10 000 printed
Generic leaflets were designed and printed and distributed between 29 November and 2 December (4 000) at the Centre’s launch and by way of knock-and-drop (6 000) in the catchment area during the week of 3 December.

Radio Advertisements

Live reads flighted on Smile 90.4FM (192 000 listeners) between 29 October and 29 November 2018 and 18 January and 28 February 2019. Live reads flighted on Bok Radio 98.9FM (128 000 listeners) between 29 October and 29 November and from 1 December 2018 to 28 February 2019.

Interviews were secured for 1, 8 and 28 November on each station.

A pre-recorded advertisement aired on Smile 90.4 FM from 3 to 8 December and on Bok Radio 98.9 FM from 1 December 2018 to 28 February 2019.

School Distribution

Reddam House
Primary School Newsletter
Featured an A5-sized
advertisement in six newsletters
during 2018’s fourth term.
Distribution: 600 learners
Reach: 1 200 parents

Curro Durbanville
Yearbook 2018
Secured the back page. Yearbook
distributed during February 2019.
Reach: +/- 1 000 families

Durbanville Primary School
Featured an A5-sized advertisement
in the November Edition.
Distribution: 1 100 learners
Reach: 2 200 parents


The Village Square was showcased on the front and back of a JCDecaux billboard located on Durbanville High School’s premises (facing Main Road) between 1 and 13 October.

From 1 to 15 December the Centre’s artwork featured on the Stellenberg High School site, which is visible to traffic travelling from Old Oak Road via Mountain Drive Road to Eversdal Road.

A mobile billboard, drawing attention to The Village Square, was positioned in prominent locations from 16 to 30 November.

Public Relations

The TygerBurger published a two-page (front & second page) article about The Village Square on 3 October which generated a PR value of R61 200.

The TygerBurger published another two-page (front & second page) article about the Centre on 5 December following their attendance at the cocktail function, which generated a PR value of R132 498 (front page R48 960 / second page R83 538).

Digital Media


36 015 page views
12 308 users
42.82% bounce rate

Social Media:

Organic Reach: 155 802
Paid Reach: 189 305
Organic Impressions: 311 476
Paid Impressions: 214 347
Facebook Fans: 2 693
Instagram Followers: 1 228

Retailer Engagement

A fun in-centre activation was hosted between 12 and 16 December, 10h to 14h daily. Customers could win up to ten gifts per day over a 5 day period.

These giveaways were sourced from the Centre’s tenants in order to create valuable awareness of their products and services.

Community Engagement

Christmas is a time to give and customers were enabled to do so by launching a community drive on 7 December. Customers could donate stationary by placing it in the two large Perspex boxes stationed in-centre.

These were taken to Fisantekraal Centre of Development during the first week of February 2019. Community engagement was achieved, together with the start of a meaningful relationship with an important social entity.

Visual Merchandising

A strong geometrical design is used to link the name with the Centre. The tone of the artwork is stylish and contemporary in order to reach a demographic who appreciates quality and a high-end lifestyle. There is a definite focus on the use of images paired with strong headings.

The brand, as seen above, was rolled out into various newspapers, school newsletters, billboards, a generic leaflet, branded shopping bags, in-centre posters and the digital media.