With over 20 years experience, we are an authority in Retail Marketing & Communication.

Communication is the foundation of our business. The Blue Room has been assisting shopping centres and malls with retail marketing and communications for 22 years, delivering excellent results.

Every shopping centre and shopping mall has a unique needs. Our retail communications and marketing team are expertly placed to fulfill your marketing objectives. From increasing awareness of your shopping centre or mall to driving foot traffic to your retail destination, The Blue Room always delivers outstanding results.

Our Retail Marketing & Communications Solutions include:

Tenant Communications

Our Retail Marketing and Communications packages all include regular tenant visits and communications. These are integral to your business: keeping tenants informed of marketing activities via newsletters written by our team, gaining their support in various activities, and providing valuable information from tenants and presenting it to you.

Coordination & Negotiation

An integral role in Retail Marketing and Communications is coordination and negotiation between clients and suppliers.

Not only is this something we do. We also secure the best prices and coordinate all print, media and activity bookings.


Not only do we create top notch activations, our team are also always present for execution. Over the past 18 years we’ve created some incredible retail marketing and communications activations, and are continuing to do so.


Where applicable, our expert Retails Marketing and Communications team are able solicit and secure sponsorships.

Public Relations

A large part of awareness campaigns in retail marketing and communications is publicity. Our team are able to write up press releases and negotiate free exposure with the media.

Branding & Graphic Design

Our Design Studio is a hybrid of creativity, where briefs are brought to life. We’re able to create artwork that is unique to your campaigns. Our team of extremely talented graphic designers never disappoint and will ensure success.

Our Graphic Design and Branding services include…

  • Corporate in-house documents
  • Artwork for awareness campaigns (including posters, flyers, prospectuses, billboards, brochures, branded products, books, and more)
  • Logo design
  • Mood boards

Digital Marketing

Our Digital Marketing Department is made up of industry experts who can create top digital marketing strategies; handle your social media management; design, develop and manage your websites; write effective online copy and manage GoogleAd campaigns; take care of your e-newsletters; and create mobile applications in a way that will deliver outstanding results and generate returns.


We compile monthly reports for the landlord that offer an overview of all the retail marketing and communications – including achievements, marketing activities, exposure gained, tenant feedback, and more.

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