We understand Digital Marketing and know how to generate results that yield returns.

The world is changing, and not only does your brand need to change with it, it needs to stand out from the rest. Our Digital Marketing Solutions will give you the edge.

Our Digital Marketing Department is made up of industry experts who can create top digital marketing strategies; handle your social media management; design, develop and manage your websites; write effective online copy and manage GoogleAd campaigns; take care of your e-newsletters; and create mobile applications in a way that will deliver outstanding results and generate returns.

Our Digital Marketing Solutions include:

Social Media Management

The rise of social media in our daily lives has caused a need for all businesses to have a social presence.

Our Digital Marketing team will take the burden off your shoulders. We understand social media and know how to leverage it to render the best possible results.

Our Social Media services include:

  • Setting up of social media presences (from Facebook to Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Snapchat, etc)
  • Community management – handling social media, so you don’t have to. From posting, to responding, to crisis management, we have you covered on all bases
  • Creating impactful social media strategies
  • Workshops on social media, from creating an online presence, to creating a strategy, best practices, and how to handle whatever the internet has to throw at you

Website Design, Development, and Hosting

Having a website for a business in this day and age is an absolute must. If potential clients want to know something about a particular place or business, the first thing they do is head to Google, and research shows that businesses without websites, or with outdated websites, see a decline in business.

Between our in-house webdesign and development team and our highly skilled consultants, we’re able to create websites that leave the right impression on the consumer.

Our website services include…

  • Designing a look and feel in line with your corporate / brand identity
  • Domain registration (your own / .com / .org address)
  • Developing the website to bring¬†the design to life on the internet
  • Website back-ups
  • Website transfers
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Hosting on secure, reliable servers through trusted third party partners.

Online Copywriting, SEO & Google Ads

Creating beautiful websites and social media posts are an important part of digital marketing; however, words can be just as important, if not more so important, as they can affect how many people see your message by affecting aspects such as search engine page ranks.

Our online copy solutions include:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Google AdWords
  • Social Media Posts

Mobile App Creation and Management

Most people’s lives revolve around their phones – and mobile applications are becoming synonymous with digital marketing.

The Blue Room has partnered with some of the top mobile app creators across the globe to design and develop world class mobile applications specifically aimed at the franchise chain and retail market.

Our Digital Marketing team are also well-placed to manage the back-end of your mobile application, supply market reports, and more.

Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality

From augmented reality (AR) campaigns, to virtual reality (VR) tours, The Blue Room’s Digital Marketing Department have teamed up with some of the best AR and VR developers and suppliers both locally and internationally to create digital marketing campaigns that yield results.

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