Being in an agency environment where creatives have to constantly think of new, fresh and trendy concepts is fantastic. A creative’s work space is incredibly important, as it has the ability to contribute towards promoting the flow of creative juices, so that you can always have a glass of ideas at the read.

Here are some quick and easy ways to get your creatives juices flowing in the office:

1. Have an office meeting spot, a neutral place, such as free-standing table or desk where everyone can sit down and have a chat, brainstorm or a coffee. King Arthur’s round table if you must.

2. Don’t be static, move around. If you can work away from you designated desk or seat every so often, go for it. A change of seat is always neat when you want to blow them off their feet. And when it comes to designers, a change of scenery whilst designing does a whole lot of good and assists in promoting conceptual thinking.

3. Hide the clocks! Sometimes having a clock stare you down while you are trying to be creative and productive is the worst thing you can do. Some creatives thrive under pressure, but others unfortunately crumble. So, play this one by ear and see who it works for. The best work is normally followed by the line, “Is that the time? Where’s the day gone?” Not all creatives work the same, so if it’s possible, see which ones you can help flourish and give them encouragement – especially when they ace those tight deadlines with their impressive work.

4. Have time for fun and laughter. In our office it’s a pack of UNO cards? (I know right?) But in other spaces, maybe it’s a communal sweetie draw or a ping pong table. The most important thing is to make time for fun. It’s not a party all day long but just remember to make time for it.

5. Keep the creativity in sight, which means make sure things like mood-boards, brainstorms, pencils and creative tools are insight. The concept of out of sight, out of mind plays a role in the way creatives work. Creatives need stimulus and sometimes you need to have your weapons of mass creation lying about to get the job done.

6. In your office kitchen, it’s best to create a somewhat homely feel within that space: the heart of the office, if you will. Using ceramic cups, wooden textures and even a seating area all contribute in creating conversation and stimulating ideas.

7. Immerse yourself in your product, for example agencies who work with food and liquor will normally brainstorm with the product on hand and sometimes with a glass in hand. With The Blue Room for example, for our shopping centre clients, we will often go onsite, walk around the centre and have an onsite brainstorm. This helps us get a feel for the tenant mix and the target market, amongst other things, thus giving us a better understanding of how to best reach the consumer.

8. Another major pointer to have in an office is to incorporate the principles of biophilia. This means having direct, natural light flowing into the work space and even plants. When creative employees are given indoor plants to look after, name and nurture, it creates a sense of responsibility and also showcases the quirks of the creatives through naming their plants.

9. Let your knick-knacks fly! Decorate your desks with things that you love and stimulate you, from photos, to flowers to even the dancing queen. You don’t work in a clinic and your exam isn’t tomorrow, so show a little desk flare.

10. Introduce hardcore free-spirited brainstorming. For major campaigns plan a brainstorming day. Remove yourself from the office environment and outside of comfort zones and have an open and frank brainstorm. Go to a coffee shop or restaurant, or even go to the aquarium and have a fish watching circle. It doesn’t matter where and what you do but have fun, the best ideas sometimes come from the silliest conversations! Embrace different and silly idea’s because that might be the next Instagram.

Written by Chase Liebenberg, Graphic Designer / Creative: The Blue Room