Trends in graphic design and advertising are constantly changing, depending on the economic environment and the social commentary taking place in the world around us.

For any design to be well executed, designers need to be in touch with trends and of course the general pillars of design.

Year-in and year-out, type and font styles are a staple on the trend list, and so far, 2018 has been no different.

For starters, there has been a revival of san serif fonts in 2017 and 2018 for using Bold Typography.

Clear and to the point copy being used in conjunction with another trend in 2018: Negative Space and Brutalism. The simpler the better for the audience to read, this trend is based on the fast-paced digital era which is the majority of the world’s target market. The idea behind this is to create an easy to read statement and to of course, leave a lasting impression with the audience.

For more sophisticated target markets Serif Typography has crept back into design aesthetics this year.

This trend has also been combined with the Bold Alignment and Kerning trend, which is where designers forget about the grid and let their creativity run free! This chaotic style is normally aimed at a more educated market for their ability to problem solve typographic and layout “problems”.

Typography portrays a very important function within the realm of design and that is to convey information. For example, certain typefaces can convey an emotion to a design, whilst others have the ability to convey a tone. The softer, handwritten style of fonts are considered more laid back and relaxed, whereas bold, non-serif typefaces are seen as more serious, hence why these typefaces are always used in news or important documentation.

Whether you’re a designer, someone trying their hand at design, or a client, I hope that I’ve managed to sum up the importance of typography, in a nutshell.

Remember, the next time you’re designing or working on your brand look and feel, pick the right type that will convey the message, tone and feeling that you and/or your client have in mind. And if you need some creative direction to ensure your design attracts the right “type” of attention, call us on 021 553 0315, email or click here to find out more about our Design Studio and design solutions.

Written by Chase Liebenberg: Graphic Designer, The Blue Room