Maxine Teixeira, Account Executive at The Blue Room, shares her research and insights into why you need to develop your business to coincide with modern times.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) has long been coming and the advent of the global COVID-19 pandemic has only sped up the already rapid development of the 4IR – with brands that put in the initial preparation and work pre-COVID reaping the rewards in a COVID and post-COVID world.

Small-scale research conducted by The Blue Room, as well as the Global Web Index research study, reflects vast increased use of digital media and mobile devices by consumers.

Technology and the 4IR are evermore at the forefront of our everyday lives. In a time when people are forced to be apart yet long to stay connected, we see a greater demand for implementing strategies aligned to a tech humanist approach: digital strategies with human interaction and connection at their core.

The revolution of industry 4.0 has further coined the terms Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data and Augmented Reality (AR). To simply put it; the way businesses perform daily operations and interact with their constituents, will never be the same.

Digitisation is no longer optional for today’s businesses. Customers have come to expect an experience featuring the convenience only technology provides, from even Small Medium Enterprises (SME’s). Businesses that fail “to get with the technological times”, risk becoming obsolete.

With the above in mind, in trying and unprecedented times, organisations cannot afford to allow technology to mitigate human authenticity. Maintaining relations between an organisation and its respective targets is now, more than ever, essential.

Businesses who wish stay top of mind and maintain brand loyalty, thus require the adoption of digitisation in a human centric manner. Technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution should be harnessed to distinguish a business from its competitors. Simultaneously increasing the business’s knowledge, as well as understanding and consequentially connection, with its multiple stakeholders.

Tech Humanism is the mitigating force between the organisation’s technological advancements and its relationship with its constituents. Human and Technology should be in sync, in order for any business to embrace and prosper, from COVID-19 to Industry 4.0.

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Written by Maxine Teixeira: Account Executive, The Blue Room