Not only is the world of graphic design always on the move, technology is also changing rapidly.

One of the most important reasons why designers need to keep up-to-date with industry trends is toensure that they don’t fall behind and be ready for whatever new movement is taking place in the industry, to keep one step ahead. It also allows you, as a designer, to experiment with other design tools and software outside your typical routine.

A few ideas designers can do to stay on top of design trends:

Use media to your advantage:

In this day and age, most of us spend hours online. Use some of that time to look at online portfolios of other designers, follow blogs, read magazines, and watch tutorials to improve and sharpen your skills and knowledge set.

Practice and study:

In most industries you must keep up-to-speed with your education – and the design industry is no different. In order to keep up with new trends, you continually need to sharpen your skills in new styles, as well experiment with new tools and software.

Leave your comfort zone:

To stay in your comfort zone is a natural human instinct, but it’s not always a good idea for a graphic designer. Find ways to open up your creativity by brainstorming with co-workers and pushing yourself to expand your horizons.

Creative eye:

Keep your creative eye open. Take time and look at the people around you, whether you’re in a shopping centre, coffee shop, or out in nature. We are all different and like different types of things. It is also a very good way to research your target market and can help to understand their trends better.


Networking is a fantastic way to exchange information or ideas. Amongst designers, everyone has a different perspective and different ways of working, looking at things and situations.

Knowing the right trend that will fit your target market can help make a graphic designer’s life a lot easier. The style of the design, colour use, and layout will be easier to establish and it makes the artwork or design more successful for the specific target market, as well as keep the artwork fresh and unique.

A few design trends of 2018:

– Double Exposure

– More depth (with semi-flat design)

– Dashing duotones

– Palettes & patterns inspired by the 80s & 90s

– Bold typography

– Authentic photography

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Article by Melanie Reyneke, Graphic Designer: The Blue Room