Most people get confused with the meaning of rebranding and brand refresh. Rebranding is changing the company’s entire identity, moving it into a different direction, whereas a brand refresh is only making small improvements to your identity.

A rebrand can be exciting and at the same time extremely scary. But it is necessary if you want to keep up with fast growing technology and if you want to stay relevant. Before you decide on a rebrand, it’s important to decide whether or not it’s really the right move for the company.

Here are two main reasons to help you consider a rebrand:


  1. Your brand is too similar to your competitors

A brand is not only the identity of company, it needs to show who you are, want to be, and how you want your audience to recognise you as. When your brand is too similar to other brands, it can lead to confusion and distrust. You have to show your clients, old and new, that you are unique, different and that they can trust you.

  1. Your brand has evolved

The way technology changes and times are evolving so does clients’ needs, wants, and ways of doing things. To make sure your brand speaks to the people you want to reach you have to grow and develop with them.

On our 18th birthday we, as company, decided to rebrand ourselves. Not only because of our growth but also because our brand was outdated. We had to keep up with our competitors and also our clients’ needs. We also grew by giving our existing clients and new ones more service options. As technology changed, we had to make sure our brand communicates with our clients not only by using print medium but also by our online presence.

Our old logo

Our new logo

Whether you want to rebrand because of growth, being outdated, your reputation, new management or any other reason, in the end it’s up to you to make the decision what is best for your company’s growth and in what direction you want you company to go into.

The Blue Room’s in-house design studio can help you with creating a new brand or updating your identity that is both on trend and offers longevity. Interested in finding out more? Email us:

Written by Melanie Reyneke: Graphic Designer, The Blue Room