Interning can be a nerve-racking experience, as you, the student, steps into a new working environment with numerous professionals observing you. You need to have a level of professionalism, yet you are still learning the ropes. I have realised that despite the fact that mistakes get made, it’s all about remaining positive and rectifying the situations. I’ve also realised that it’s of utmost importance to find ways to better yourself in aspects you feel need attention for your development, as opposed to ignoring them. Ultimately, attention to detail certainly makes a difference: small things might seem unnecessary, but ultimately, they all come together to paint a bigger picture.

“Every accomplishment starts with a decision to try”

The Blue Room has given me the opportunity to do my marketing internship, which I forever will be grateful for.

The day of my interview, I was quite nervous, but at the same time had a sense of warmth coming from the company owner. My interview was successful, and I was hyped up to start working eagerly.

Socialising with other employees made me more aware of the company culture. The culture at The Blue Room stood out for me, as it is a family culture. This culture made me feel more comfortable in my position as intern.

“A person who feels appreciated will always do more than what is expected.”

On the 26th of March 2018 I started my journey as a PR intern/Marketing Assistant, based at Golden Acre Shopping Centre.

I have acquired the necessary skills throughout my internship, be it internal or external communication, social media, analytics, collaboration, exhibitions, campaigns, sponsorships, social responsibility, communicating directly with tenants, taking ownership of my work, working effectively as a team, to act responsibly, taking criticism positively, to speak up and to show gratitude.

“When we believe in ourselves we can make anything happen.”

I am much more confident since I first started. I have grown through the most challenging to the most uplifting times, and I have found that internships are very rewarding, as they present you with real life situations to handle, and also allow you to apply what you have learnt at College/University.

Internships also offer clarity on what direction you want to go in and what your strengths and areas to work on really are. I am proud of myself for always staying determined, and for The Blue Room, for making it possible.

Written by Sharmonique van Wyk, Marketing Intern: The Blue Room (based at Golden Acre)