When it comes to the shopping behaviour of females, there are similarities shared among all South African women: 56% of women are in control of the household finances and more than 61% of women search for specials and discounts before making their way to a shopping centre or store.

The emerging lower to middle income group of women in South Africa rely on their favourite weekly publication in the form of magazines and newspapers to inspire them with the latest fashion trends, homeware and recipes. With the rise of mobile applications such as Facebook and Instagram, females tend to lean to these platforms for on-the-go information about their favourite brands.

So, how do we get the cash-strapped female to consider spending when the economy is not making room to spend on non-essential goods?

Create an in-centre experience for the women to participate in!

Female shoppers delight in feeling valued by retailers and service providers. Creating an experience of the brand is key to getting the brand top-of-mind.

When women are offered the platform to be spoilt with no cost attached, they begin to feel appreciated for their time and money spent. Innovative marketing in shopping centres allow for value-added elements that create pop-up entertainment such as pamper zones, live concerts and an opportunity to engage with retailers offering outside the store. Creating a fun interactive space allows the opportunity to stop these ladies in their tracks and drive them back into your stores to shop some more.

Written by Carlyn Conradie, Account Executive: The Blue Room (based at Golden Acre as Marketing & Exhibitions Coordinator)