Many businesses are relying on traditional marketing tactics to drive their businesses. There’s nothing wrong with doing so; traditional marketing is named so because it is a collection of tried and proven methods of drumming up business.

Traditional marketing includes classic approaches like: print materials, print advertisements, newsletters, television commercials, radio spots and outdoor billboards.

In the internet-driven business world, we recommend keeping traditional marketing efforts around to bolster your digital marketing strategy.

It’s All About Support

Digital marketing covers product and service-selling strategies for all current internet-based channels. That includes advertising avenues such as social media, web design, ongoing content creation, SMS and email marketing. All digital efforts, need support from traditional marketing.

It’s especially true for businesses that rely heavily on regular promotions, menus, events and competitions.  Having tangible advertising material on hand to support sales teams in their marketing efforts, especially when it points to digital resources, is still a reliable method for boosting the effectiveness of sales and activation participation.

What Types of Traditional Marketing Fit into Digital Marketing Campaigns?

There really is no wrong answer, but there are certain traditional marketing materials that tend to be more effective when supporting digital marketing than others. You’ll likely find the most utilisation in:

  • Flyers can be given to the public as an offline means of sharing relevant company, product, and service information with potential customers in scenarios that don’t ordinarily involve immediate connection to the internet or screens for presentation.
  • Brochures offer even greater opportunity to showcase a new range of products and services to provide in-depth information on them in an easy-to-read format.
  • Branded Merchandise selling or handing out branded merchandise creates a permanent advertisement that will keep you top-of-mind for serious potential clients and customers.

At The Blue Room we are always picking up relevant and useful skills to drive traditional together with digital marketing efforts to benefit your marketing objectives.

Our content creation and online paid search team is skilled at outputting copy for traditional marketing. All copy can be adapted to print media by graphic artists and web designers who will work together to build user-friendly materials. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) teams also gets involved to make sure that print materials support digital efforts with maximum effectiveness.

Contact us at 021 5530 315 to enquire about how The Blue Room can create an integrated traditional and digital marketing strategy for your company.

Written by Adéle Schultz, Account Executive: The Blue Room